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About the creation of The Smart Pillows

In March 2020, the world lived unprecedented times and they got to experience a new lifestyle in a world-wide lockdown. That is when our Founder, Kyriakos Chasikos, moved away from his home-country to the UK, to spend this period with his long-distance partner. However, after a few nights of cuddling, he realised that he would be woken up in the middle of the night with neck pain or with the feeling of his arm totally numb. Adding to this, his partner would unconsciously crawl away from him, as she could not maintain a comfortable position. Kyriakos, being a side-sleeper himself, felt that this issue was ongoing when he was sleeping alone on his side. He would find himself switching positions constantly, ending up waking up tired and the morning would find his body in discomfort or pain.

neck pain from side sleeping

Action had to be taken. 

Disappointed by the fact that he travelled all of these miles to not be able to sleep close to his loved one, Kyriakos decided action had to be taken to seek for a solution. He was delighted when he came across The Arm Pillow as he recognized that his life and sleep would forever be changed. The Arm Pillow is an L-shaped memory foam pillow with a specifically designed tunnel to keep his arm free of weight when cuddling or side sleeping. He was intrigued by this invention and his enthusiasm pushed him to explore this further. He engaged into extensive research and various formal and informal conversations, to discover amongst others, that more than 1/3 of the world are side sleepers. They all have one issue in common; their arm goes numb a few moments after lying on their side.

memory foam pillow

"What if side-sleepers have been using the wrong pillow all this time?"

"What if I can help side-sleepers across the UK increase the quality of their sleep?" he wondered. People have the right to a restful and comfortable sleep regardless of their individual posture.
He then took it one step further and founded The Smart Pillows; an online business dedicated in selling high-quality memory foam pillows to the UK that are focused on providing this product to couples and side sleepers and allow them to a peaceful sleep.

The Smart Pillows aim to add comfort and improve sleep quality for all side-sleepers and couples around the UK. All pillows are made of an excellent quality material and are especially designed to keep the arm free of weight via specially designed tunnels. 

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